Ways to Treat Scoliosis

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For those who don’t know, scoliosis affects around 9 million Americans. Usually, they’re diagnosed between ages 10 to 15. Just like other health issues, the severity of scoliosis ranges from severe to mild.  

According to professionals, females are more likely to experience scoliosis. Because of this, a lot of people are wondering how doctors treat this medical condition.  

Treatment for scoliosis differs depending on the person and the severity of the condition. 

A medical professional will diagnose the condition and help you create the right treatment plan. Oftentimes, a doctor will recommend a back brace. However, if the issue is severe, you might need to hire a spine surgeon in Boca Raton.  

Back Surgery 

Serious scoliosis might need surgery. Oftentimes, this is the case for curves that are already severe. Also, surgery might be needed if you’re in pain and other treatment methods do not work for you.  

Furthermore, surgery is a way to ease irritation in the nerve due to the spinal curve. There are several forms of scoliosis surgery and a medical professional will help you figure out which is appropriate for you.  

The ideal option for relieving pressure on the nerves is a discectomy. It includes getting rid of parts of the spine between the vertebrae. A laminectomy is used to get rid of part of the vertebrae itself to counteract nerve pressure.  

A spinal fusion surgery connects two or more of the vertebrae. The objective is to straighten and strengthen the spine. During the process of fusion, areas of the backbone are held together using wires, screws, hooks, or rods.  

Spinal Injections 

A lot of individuals also suffer tingling and numbness in the backbone aside from scoliosis pain. This can extend through the lower body and into the feet.  

Typically, spinal injections that contain a local anesthetic and steroids help counteract these signs. The injections last for a couple of weeks to months. If the effects are gone, you might have to repeat the process to maintain the effects.  


A lot of scoliosis treatment plants include working out. This will not fix the curve. However, it can help ease the discomfort and pain that goes with it.  

The goal is to get your back moving. There are a lot of options to choose from. You’re more likely to follow it if you enjoy the workout that you choose.  

Back Brace 

Though a back brace will not fix the issue, it is an excellent method to prevent the curve from getting worse. Oftentimes, this is the first step in how to treat scoliosis. This is particularly true if the problem is mild. Oftentimes, adolescents use this method of treatment.  

A kid will keep on wearing the back brace until they are done growing. On almost every occasion, the kid will have to wear it during waking hours. Typically, they can hide it under the clothing. 

Most kids can keep on taking part in most activities while wearing the brace. Once growth is done, further treatment might be required. This depends on the severity of the problem.  

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